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Our Services 

Our clients are typically an Enterprise with a Challenge or an Innovator with a Solution. We tailor our services to provide enterprise with insights, strategies and tools to help meet the increasing demands of markets, investors & regulators. We partner with innovators to develop Product & Service Solutions. We help build bridges to new markets across Asia and access growth capital.

1. Food



Building & Transforming 

production, processing, & waste systems with Enterprise


1. Sustainable Production Bases​

  • Urban hyperlocal & regional projects

  • Agrifood innovation parks & systems 

  • Regenerative Farming Systems & GAP


2. Waste Asset Management 

  • Nutrient, water and materials harvest innovation

  • Upcycling & valorisation of waste assets

  • Carbon, water & waste footprinting


3. Trust & Transparency 

  • Practical application of Standards

  • Sustainability benchmarking & roadmaps 

  • Digital trade, blockchain & transhipping

2. Growth



Growing & Investin

strategy, market entry, capital raise with Innovators


1. Product & Market

  • Portfolio strategy in crop production, processing & agrifoodtech.

  • Market research & Go To Market strategy

2. Market Entry

  • Industry & Government networks

  • Regulatory & registration requirements

  • Commercial offtake agreements

3. Growth Capital

  • Investor deck  and dataroom

  • Pitch preparation

  • Introduce to investor networks

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