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About Us 

Who are we?

The Boralis Group is an agribusiness advisory practice building and growing sustainable systems. Our Core Group brings a mix of strategy, operations and project management across the agriculture and food industry.

Our structure.

Our Group Management team is boosted through a selected range of Group Associates operating across the Asia Pacific region. We bring a unique combination of practical domain knowledge, diverse operational experience and deep industry networks. And our Group Services team provides broad platform support across key functions. 

How do we operate?

We focus on executing strategy to get results with impact.  We are comfortable in a boardroom or a bog. We have boots on the ground, sleeves rolled up, our hands in the dirt. Getting Stuff Done.

Meet our team.

We believe
Photo of Rob Hulme

Rob Hulme

CEO & Group Director

Water, crop production, strategy & operations, M&A, innovation & extension

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Photo of Dr Michael Patching

Dr Michael Patching

Group Associate

Welfare, large animal trade & enterprise compliance, Asia Pacific supply chains

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Photo of James Symons

James Symons
Group Associate

Waste, small animal production systems, waste and SaaS development

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Photo of Sid Jain

Sid Jain

Group Associate

Feed & food innovation, ingredients, plant protein & cellular agriculture systems

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Photo of Arv Sreedhar

Arv Sreedhar

Group Associate


Corporate finance, private equity, sustainable investment in scaled food systems

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Photo of Marc Allen

Marc Allen

Group Associate

Greenhouse gas, carbon footprinting, sustainability & renewable energy

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Photo of Veera Sekaran

Veera Sekaran

Group Associate


Biodiversity, urban vegetable production, sustainable food systems

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Photo of Al Smart

Al Smart

Group Associate


Aquaculture systems, feed, processing and sustainable production scaling 

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Photo of Laura Crennan

Laura Crennan
Group Services CFO


Financial reporting, governance, grants &  compliance 

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Photo of Sharon Ang

Sharon Feybli-Ang

Group Services HR


Policies & procedures, immigration & employee benefits

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